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Yesterday was the first real snow of the season (yeah, I know it’s not technically winter until the 21st, but white stuff on the ground is reason enough for me to call it winter).  I was in the middle of saying the Grace After Meals when I looked up and noticed big, fluffy flakes drifting to the ground.  I got my kids’ attention and pointed to the window, and they were rightfully excited.

“Snow!  Snow!  It’s snowing!  It’s winter!  It’s December!  It’s snoooooooowing! We can have a snowball fight!  Hooray!”

That’s a fairly accurate representation of their reaction.

It was a busy day for us, what with trying to set up a Skype date with Bubby, and a new clarinet student due to start, despite the snow (yes, I may be starting to teach again, but on a very, very minimal basis.  Like one student minimal).  So getting those kids…

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