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Writing on the Pages of Life

Blog hopping is one activity that we should try now and then.  Discovering new blogs is like discovering new places – you experience new vistas, meet interesting people and learn something new.

Here are some blogs posts that I discovered and read over the past weeks. I hope you’ll have the time to explore these sites:

A New Writing Challenge: 31 Days of Letters   Micaela D’eigh writes about a unique writing challenge

Stealing Creative Inspiration from Austin Kleon  Marial Shea writes about some very creative ideas from Austin Kleon

6 Ways to Defend Your Blog Copyright WordCount’s Michelle Rafter tells bloggers how they can stop online plagiarism

Top 5 Reasons to Keep a Journal Victoria Musgrave has been journaling daily since she was 12.  She shares her views on why we should all keep a journal 

The Bright Side Of A 30 Day Challenge Vilma Sceusa gives advice…

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